Bingo Schedule

 Bingo Schedule and Policy

As a parent or athlete 18 and over, you can pay for your fees by working Bingos. It’s voluntary, open to all members, and you get to choose how many you want to work. For each shift worked, monies will be deposited into your athlete account – which you can use to pay for membership fees, travel, etc.

Working Bingos will be counted towards fulfilling your Volunteer Commitment to the Club.

Here’s the schedule. Please also read the Bingo Policy and Procedures which follow.

Bingo Schedule

April 13, 2019                             Evening                       Saturday
April 13, 2019                             Late Night                  Saturday
May 12, 2019                              Morning                      Sunday
May 12, 2019                              Afternoon                   Sunday
June 9, 2019                                Morning                     Sunday
June 9, 2019                                Afternoon                  Sunday
June 28, 2019                             Evening                       Friday
June 28, 2019                             Late Night                  Friday
July 27, 2019                               Evening                      Saturday
July 27, 2019                               Late Night                  Saturday
August 9, 2019                           Evening                        Friday
August 9, 2019                           Late Night                   Friday
August 31, 2019                        Morning                       Saturday
August 31, 2019                        Afternoon                   Saturday
September 22, 2019                Evening                        Sunday
October 5, 2019                        Evening                       Saturday
October 5, 2019                        Late Night                  Saturday
October 18, 2019                      Evening                      Friday
October 18, 2019                      Late Night                  Friday
November 23, 2019                 Morning                      Saturday
November 23, 2019                 Afternoon                   Saturday
December 27, 2019                  Evening                       Friday
December 27, 2019                  Late Night                   Friday
January 12 2020                       Morning                      Sunday
January 12, 2020                      Afternoon                   Sunday
February 19, 2020                     Evening                       Wednesday
March 6, 2020                            Evening                        Friday
March 6, 2020                            Late Night                   Friday
April 19, 2020                             Morning                       Sunday
April 19, 2020                             Afternoon                   Sunday
May 10, 2020                              Morning                       Sunday
May 10, 2020                              Afternoon                   Sunday
May 31, 2020                              Morning                       Sunday
May 31, 2020                              Afternoon                   Sunday
June 26, 2020                             Evening                        Friday
June 26, 2020                             Late Night                   Friday


Our Bingo Coordinator, Ken Mitchell, will send out emails requesting volunteers and confirming shifts before the bingo. The contact email for bingos is

For those of you interested in working bingos, here is the procedure on how sign-up will work and responsibilities you need to know about:

Calgary Spartans Bingo Policy

The Spartans are responsible to staff approximately 30 bingos per year. The purpose of this policy is to provide a procedure to fairly allocate bingo shifts to parents and/or athletes who wish to work Bingos to raise funds for their fees and travel.

Each Bingo shift worked will result in funds being credited to an athlete’s account. As follows:

  • Morning Shift – $75 per shift
  • Afternoon Shift – $85 per shift
  • Evening Shift – $75 per shift
  • Late Night Shift – $85 per shift
  • Bingo Supervisors will have $100 credited to the athlete’s account.

Staffing Requirements:

Staffing is set by the Bingo Barn and is as follows:

  • Mornings – 8 volunteers
  • Afternoons – 12 volunteers
  • Evenings – 14 volunteers
  • Late night – 10 volunteers

Timing and Procedure:

 3 weeks (approximately 21 days) prior to Bingo date

  • An email will be sent out to all parents and athletes allowing sign up for the bingo
  • A maximum of two workers per designated athlete may sign up for each shift.
  • For a double bingo, four workers may sign up.

At 2.5 Weeks (approximately 17 days) prior to Bingo date

  • A second email is sent out with a reminder and advising how many spots are left for sign-up

10 Days prior to Bingo Date

  • A third email is sent out requesting signup. At this time families can add additional family members past the maximum listed above.

5 Days prior to Bingo Date

  • If there are still open shifts five days prior, the Volunteer Coordinator will fill shifts with outside workers.

All bingo workers will be responsible for the costs of their own food.

If a parent/athlete has booked themselves to work a Bingo and must cancel, they are responsible to replace themselves. The Spartans will provide and maintain a list of people who are willing to work Bingos upon request. It is the worker’s responsibility to ensure they attend the Bingo. If an emergency occurs, the Bingo Coordinator will assist, if possible.

 Penalty Policy:

If a worker cancels without providing a replacement within one week from the bingo date, the worker will be fined $100. “No-shows” will be fined and removed from the bingo worker pool for the year unless it can be determined that an emergency occurred.

Communication to Parents and Athletes:

 Emails sent out must have the date of the Bingo prominently in the heading as it is expected there may be emails circulating for more than one bingo date.

Confirmation for Athlete Account

All workers will sign in on a Spartans sheet advising they have attended and worked the Bingo, and to which athlete’s account the payment is to be credited to.

Athlete Account and Retention Policy:

 Bingo funds earned for shifts worked are deposited to the individual designated athlete’s account. As bingo fund payouts are gaming funds, all proceeds must be used for athlete and coach expenses including entry fees, travel and accommodation, etc. Therefore, when an athlete leaves the club, all monies raised by an athlete through working bingos and not used by the athlete will be retained by the club to be used for same.

Volunteer Commitment:

Working Bingos will be counted towards fulfilling the athlete’s Volunteer Commitment to the Club.