Holding successful track and field meets and running a club for active young athletes requires significant help from volunteers.  To support the programs, the Spartans requires each member or their parent to volunteer the equivalent of three shifts.  Volunteering can include one or more of the following:

  • Volunteer at fund raising events such as casinos and bingos.  Bingos occur on average once a month and casinos approximately every 18 months. These funds cover a significant portion of the club’s expenses including supporting facility fees, coaches, equipment including hurdles, blocks, etc. and administration.  Working bingos and casinos also results in monies being transferred into an Athlete’s account for training, competition and meet travel expenses.  See Bingo Policy and Bingo Schedule.  The amount of money for a casino shift will be communicated by email in the staffing request sent by our Volunteer Coordinator
  • Volunteer and help at track meets (approximately 4 hours per shift – no experience required)
  • Volunteer for a position on the club’s Board of Directors
  • Volunteer and help with media capturing our athletes during meets (all equipment and training will be provided prior the meet); check our or media section (Photo and video section)
  • Volunteer as a chaperone during the out of town meets and track camps
  • Coordinate an event or events such as Summer Camps, Athlete Workshops or a summer BBQ for athletes

A one-time Volunteer Commitment Deposit (VCD) of $200 is charged to each athlete. This deposit is returned upon withdrawal from the club if volunteer commitments are fulfilled. At the end of each year, members will be charged a fine against their VCD if commitments are not fulfilled.