Coach Matthew Sinclair



Athlete Development

Calgary Spartans is pleased to welcome Matthew Sinclair as Coach for Athlete Development. Matthew has 6 years of coaching experience, and has worked in many different areas tutoring, and mentoring. He enjoys working with all age groups, and engaging with different learning styles. He holds a BBA from Mount Royal and is currently finishing up a master’s of counselling psychology. 

Matthew was a successful Track and Field athlete in high school, placing first in the city and second in the province for pole vaulting. He has continued training and competing throughout university, and looks forward to helping develop the next generation of athletes. 

“I am a strong believer of the importance of mental and physical health, injury prevention, longevity, and physical activity.”


Our Athlete Coordinator will be pleased to welcome you to the Calgary Spartans, help you find the right coach and program, advise you on what to bring to the track and answer any questions you may have.

Any changes to the schedule will be communicated by Coach Llew to all group members.

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