Gabriel Godoroja

Coach GabeProgram: Sprints and Hurdles

NCCP Certifications:

Level 3: Performance Development Coach – Sprints and Hurdles
Level 2: Club Coach
Level 1: Sport Coach

Coaching areas:

  • 100m – 200m;
  • 200m – 400m;
  • Women Sprints Hurdles;
  • Men High Hurdles;
  • 400m Hurdles Men/Women;
  • Relays;

Coach Gabriel is a former Romanian national and international champion athlete. He was a member of the Romanian National Athletics Team (the equivalent of Team Canada) from an early age and his performance and success make him a well-known 400m hurdles athlete on the national and international stage.

His passion for track motivated him to become involved in coaching. He carries with him an experience and a legacy of a great Eastern European track school, a wealth of knowledge and experience in high performance training and athlete development.

“Success isn’t given. It’s earned.”

“Everybody can run. We have run since the stone age to find food, shelter, for survival or to conquer.
Running for high-performance is a completely different thing. It requires the athlete to understand and commit to a specific training program and the body to o adapt to specific bio-mechanics techniques required to achieve maximum speed and power with maximum efficiency.

To achieve high-performance an athlete first needs to understand the fundamentals of training period and the development process so vital to produce high-performance down the road. An athlete needs to know and understand the importance of his/her commitment to their training program & objectives and to deal with the complex road of sacrifices and compromises needed in their life style in order to achieve their dream. Performance is not an easy ride and not everybody can do this.

Performance is directly related to:

  • Goal-setting;
  • Athlete commitment & maturity;
  • Physical preparation (training program);
  • Mental preparation;
  • Nutrition;
  • A strong bond between athlete and coach;

The successful interaction of all these elements leads to a steady pace of ongoing personal bests until the athlete reaches their best performance and ultimate goal. It’s a long and arduous road that an athlete has to understand and embrace – a road with many rewards in the end.”

Coaching Highlights:

  • Sprint and hurdles coach at Spartans (2015 – present);
  • Sprint and hurdles coach at UCAC (2014 – 2015 season);
  • Zone 3 Calgary sprints & hurdles Coach – Alberta Summer Games (2014 season);
  • Assistant Coach at Warriors (2013 – 2014 season);
  • Coach for NW Soccer Association (2008 to 2011 seasons);


Please contact our Athlete Coordinator from the Contact webpage.
Our Athlete Coordinator will be pleased to welcome you to the Calgary Spartans, help you find the right coach and program, advise you on that to bring to the track and answer any questions you may have.

Practice schedule

Fall outdoor season

The fall outdoor season has ended.

Indoor season

The indoor season has ended.

Outdoor season

The schedule and practice location for the outdoor season :

Week Day Time Slot Practice Type Location
Monday 5:30PM to 7:20PM

7:20PM to 8:20PM

 Regular practice


Foothills Athletics Park
Wednesday 5:30PM to 7:20PM

7:20PM to 8:20PM

Regular practice


Foothills Athletics Park
Friday 5:30PM to 7:20PM Regular practice Foothills Athletics Park
Sunday 11:30AM to 1:30PM Regular practice Foothills Athletics Park

When Foothills Athletics Park is busy with track meets the group will continue training at the Glenmore Athletic Park alternate location.

Any other disruptions to this schedule will be privately communicated by coach Gabe in advance to all group members.