Mark Swanlund

Program:  Long Jump and Triple Jump

NCCP Certifications:

NCCP Level 2 – Club Coach (Trained)
NCCP Level 1 – Sport Coach (Trained)

Mark brings a meticulous and discerning eye to two of Track & Field’s most technical events – Long Jump and Triple Jump. “You never have perfect technique,” he says. “There’s always more than meets the eye and always things that aren’t immediately apparent that every athlete can do with their jumps or landings, no matter how experienced they are. But that’s good, because that means there’s always room to improve a jumper’s performance.”

In addition to his careful attention to jumping technique, Mark places a high premium on goal setting, helping his athletes set short-term, medium-term and long-term goals in order to break down athletic development into manageable steps. “Athletes need their stepping stones to make that big goal they’re shooting for,” he says. To do this, he stresses that athletes must not only understand what they need to do to improve, but that they must also be reminded of what they do well. “You need all types of feedback to keep an athlete motivated,” he says. “What I love most about teaching and coaching, is when athletes finally hit that breakthrough.”

Coaching Highlights

  • University of Calgary Junior Development (ages 6-12) – one year


Athletic Highlights

  • 1998 Canadian Legion Track & Field Championships — Gold (Long Jump), Bronze (200m), Bronze (4x100m Relay)
  • 2003 Western Canada Games – Silver (Long Jump)
  • 2003 & 2004 Senior National competitor in Long Jump and Triple Jump
  • 2003 CIS Indoor Championships – 9th (Long Jump)
  • Athletics Alberta Outstanding Athlete – 1996 and 1998
  • CALTAF Outstanding Athlete – 1995, 1996, 1998 and 2000


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