Policy Handbook

Training camps

  1. By AB Gaming rules, training camp costs cannot be funded with bingo or casino funds. If the camp is tied to a meet, the expenses pertaining to the meet event portion of the camp can be funded with gaming funds. We will require a minimum of 50% of the camp costs to be covered by the athletes. The Club will receive a contribution of 50% of this amount or the cost of the airfare, whichever is higher, up front. The balance can be provided with a post-dated cheque.

Volunteer Commitments

  • The board approved the following policy: Bingo volunteers cannot bring unassigned friends or family members to work a bingo and expect to receive a credit for it. If unassigned workers do show up to work at a bingo, they can work for free or leave.
  • The board decided to leave it up to the volunteer coordinator to work out with the bingo chairs how to deal with situations where an unassigned worker shows up and we actually need an extra person due to a no-show. The board felt that these situations do not come up on a regular basis, and it was best to let the volunteer coordinator handle it.
  • For a missed casino commitment, we will require the athlete to pay a fine of $100 (as we currently do with missed bingos) OR give the athlete the option to work an additional bingo if a bingo shift is available. It will be up to the volunteer coordinator to identify the bingo and communicate this to the athlete.
  • It was decided that Club members assigned to work the casino are responsible to find a substitute replacement worker if they cannot work their shift(s).
  • The remuneration for hired casino workers will be in line with the pay for hired workers for comparable bingo hours.
  • Athletes need to communicate any emergency preventing them to work their required bingo shift directly to the volunteer coordinator BEFORE the event, as early as possible that day. The athletes would have to make up for the missed bingo. Repeat offenders would be docked the $100 fine.

Competition and Travel policies

  •  Gaming Travel Funds approvals: Coaches will notify the administrator of any anticipated out- of-province meets for their athletes as soon as that information becomes available. They can notify the administrator either directly or via the coaches/athlete liaison board member. This will enable us to prepare the necessary documents and get them signed and sent for AB Gaming approval prior to the meets, as is required to receive approval.
  • Travel Expense reimbursement: A general procedure is in place that any athlete requesting to travel to a meet needs to have the coach’s approval prior to the travel.
  • Travel costs for meets where the athletes do not compete in Spartans’ colours or where the Club would normally not compete (such as the Corporate Challenge meet) are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • The Club will NOT reimburse an athlete who chooses to travel on their own instead of with the Club when the Club provides transportation and accommodation.
  •  athlete wanting to attend a meet where the Club does not provide transportation and accommodation needs to obtain the coach’s approval of the budget prior to making travel arrangements. The coach will assess the request in light of the budget available to him for all his athletes, and make a decision.
  • Masters meets: The board confirmed that the existing policy covering travel expense reimbursement applies equally to Masters athletes.
  • As Masters athletes can attend national competitions without having to go through qualification like regular athletes, there will be a cap on the available funding for Masters athletes’ national competitions. Each Masters athlete will have a total annual budget of $1500 available to fund reasonable expenses for Cdn and US indoor and outdoor national competitions. This cap will be effective for the 2007-2008 season.
  • The board decided the following on choosing a chaperone: the coaches are encouraged to put forward their choice of chaperone when one is required. The board needs to grant approval of the coaches’ recommendation and authorize the expenses associated with the chaperone’s travel prior to the event. The board will make a case-by-case decision as to who is the most appropriate person to act as a chaperone, choosing from the list of coaches’ wives, associate/senior female athletes, and parents. A certain amount of rotation is necessary so that all interested and qualified members get a chance if they agree to be a chaperone.
  • Recruiting Masters athletes and parents to help drive mini vans with athletes to the meets: The Club will compensate the drivers by offering to pay for their accommodation at the meet.
  • The board will extend the transportation policy to include accommodation compensation for chaperones if they are required.
  • The Club will treat triathletes like any other Club athletes with regard to eligibility for sponsorship for normal track and field events approved by the Club; we will not consider support for any triathlons.


  1.  Spartans Alberta Athletic Development Program (AADP) Funding Policy: AADP funding, when received from Athletics Alberta, is applied by Calgary Spartans Track and Field Club to directly benefit the athlete for whom funding is received. AADP funds are first used to assist the club with the substantial costs in sending these athletes to premiere national and international track and field events. Any remaining AADP funds can then be made available to the athlete for other purposes as outlined in the specific guidelines found on the Athletics Alberta website.
  2. Athletes’ assistance fund: Process: The assistance should be available to any athlete, regular or associate. Any board member or coach can bring forward a case for consideration. The request will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the president, treasurer and registrar. The committee’s recommendation will be brought to the board for approval.
  3. Criteria: The overriding criteria will be financial need, but we will not require an official demonstration of this need (for example through income tax returns as is required to access Kidsport support). The assistance will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Outdoor associate membership program: monthly fee of $100 plus applicable AA fees (to secure insurance through Athletics Alberta). The commitment would be on a month-to-month basis. The first monthly period can start on the first or the 15th of the month. The fees will be credited towards full membership fees if the athlete joins.


  • Coaches cannot enter athletes into competitions unless they are first registered with the Club.
  • Coaches expense reports: Effectively immediately coaches will have one month from the date of the meet to provide the expense summary and receipts. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of the next paycheque until the paperwork is completed and received. Coaches will have a 3-month window to get back on track with all incomplete or missing paperwork. Otherwise the use of the Club credit card will be suspended.
  •  credit card use: The Club’s policy is that the Club credit cards can be used exclusively for legitimate AB Gaming approved expenses. This is necessary to not jeopardize our current practice of charging expenses to the credit card before we receive the final approval. This practice is accepted by AB Gaming.

Withdrawal from the Club

  • An athlete can withdraw from the Club provided all volunteer commitments have been fulfilled.
  • A written notice or e-mail notification has to be submitted to the registrar to initiate the withdrawal. Once all Club property has been returned, the Club will pay out any funds remaining in the athlete’s account, including the volunteer commitment deposit.
  • If an athlete does not re-register with the Club at the end of the membership year and does not submit a withdrawal notice, the athlete needs to inform the registrar of his/her intent to resume the membership at a future date. This will ensure that the athlete’s account and any volunteer commitment deposit will be kept dormant in the athlete’s name, and reactivated at a future date.
  • If after two consecutive seasons (indoor and outdoor) after the expiry of the membership the Club has not received a withdrawal notice or notice of intent to resume membership at a later date in the future, any remaining funds in the athlete’s account including any volunteer commitment deposit will be donated to the Club’s r