What’s new with the Calgary Spartans in Fall 2015?

The Spartans have some changes happening in the new registration year. The Board has done a lot of work in the last year to listen to parents and athletes and will be making some changes to move forward to create a better and more dynamic club. We hope we’ve thought of everything in the implementation, but we’re sure there will be some bumps. So please be patient with us, and if you have suggestions, we’re more than open to listening. And if you want to volunteer to help us move down this new path, even better! We’d be thrilled to hear from you, whether you want to serve on the Board or volunteer for a specific project. So here’s what is new and coming . . .

  • A new and improved website. We have listened to your comments. The old one was cluttered and hard to get around. We are still at calgarySpartans.com, with a new look. We’re still in progress on getting information on it, but it’s live. Have a peek at it.


  • A new look. Most of the returning athletes and some of the parents know we were surveying in summer. We have an updated logo and new colours, but we are still the Calgary Spartans with a long history to be proud of! Uniforms are in process of being ordered, and we plan on having a link to a supplier where you can order your own customized Spartans gear. More information to come soon.


  • A change in membership structure. Over the last few years there has been a significant shift to Associate Memberships from Active (bingo-working) memberships, so we haven’t actually had enough people to work the Bingos. Parents don’t have time to commit to 12 bingos to help pay for their athlete fees. So, we are following the lead of other clubs and discontinuing the “Active Membership”. Fees are fixed. But as a parent or athlete 18 and over, you can pay for your fees by working Bingos. It’s now voluntary, open to all members, and you get to choose how many you want to work. For each shift worked, $80 will be deposited into your athlete account. More info coming in a new Bingo Policy which you will receive separately.


  • We are developing a program with Strive Fitness for kids who are too young to train at the University to train at their facility. We are also adding a Friday during the winter for the Athlete Development group at Strive’s facility. Thanks Anton!


  • We are pleased to announce that we have a new coach who will work with us. Sadly, Gwen Ridout will be taking a leave from coaching for personal reasons. But we are excited to welcome Gabe Cozma to our coaching team. He will start by helping us out while Jon Wong heads off on his honeymoon, and then he will move into other areas including some sprints and hurdles.