Coach Terry Crook


Distance (800 m to Marathon)

NCCP Certifications:

NCCP Level 2: Club Coach
NCCP Level 1: Athletics – Distance                                       


Terry grew up in Calgary running distance races over a number of years. He competed in Track and Field throughout his youth and younger adulthood where he established the skills and mindset required to compete and train for athletics.


When Terry finished his running career, he moved into coaching, hoping to guide and inspire younger athletes in a sport he had so much passion for. He is now a well-established coach in the Calgary athletics community with an extensive background in coaching and mentoring both developmental and high-level athletes.

Terry started his coaching career in Calgary coaching for the Calgary Warriors Track Club, moving to the University of Calgary Athletics Club soon after. He is pleased to transition to the support of the Calgary Spartans in hopes to shape and develop more athletes.

Terry’s coaching method embodies what is most important about Track and Field; the skillset developed that shapes individual’s future in not only athletics, but the real world. He promotes and teaches athletes commitment, perseverance, positive attitude, hard work, and mental fortitude through a positive, enjoyable atmosphere.

Terry has been extremely influential in the development and progression of many athletes through his years of coaching in Calgary. He has coached many athletes to success at national, provincial and high school championships. Some higher level athletes to name that had the opportunity to benefit from his guidance are Maria Bernard, Ryan Smeeton, and Eric Lutz. Maria Bernard, (most notable personal best – 3,000m Steeple Chase – 9:36.1) has competed for Team Canada on numerous occasions (Rio Olympics 2016, IAAF Cross Country World Championships 2012 and 2013 and the FISU Championships in 2015). Ryan Smeeton, (most notable personal best – 3,000m Steeple Chase – 8:27.9), ranked 1st in the NCAA where he placed 2nd, thereby qualifying him for the 2019 World Championships. He also competed for the FISU Championships placing 5th. Terry coached Ryan Smeeton throughout his childhood up until he moved to Oklahoma State to pursue his education and athletics. Eric Lutz, (most notable personal best – 1500m – 3:45.5) is nationally ranked in the 1500m, 2019 Provincial Champion (800m/1500m) and an influential scorer in the U-Sports National Championship wins for the Dinos Cross Country Program. (2018/2019). Eric has been coached by Terry from childhood and continues to be coached by Terry as he pursues an education at the University of Calgary, competing as a Dino for Cross country and Indoors, and a Spartan in the Outdoor season.

Terry is a strong believer in the importance of a positive atmosphere that promotes and encourages athletes to enjoy the moment. His ability to relate, communicate and understand people has resulted in his tremendous success in developing athletes across the board not only as athletes but as individuals. This has resulted in athletes experiencing immense athletic and personal success in athletics and life.

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Please contact our Athlete Coordinator from the Contact webpage.  Our Athlete Coordinator will be pleased to welcome you to the Calgary Spartans, help you find the right coach and program, advise you on that to bring to the track and answer any questions you may have.