How to become a Spartan ?

Join us for FREE two weeks TRIAL at Spartans practices before registering as a club member.

This is an opportunity to get to know your coach and training group before making the registration commitment.

To take part in our two-week trial, participants must sign a liability waiver.
No registration required for the trial. Bring your completed waiver form, dress appropriately and bring a bottle of water.
Click here to go to the Forms & Docs page and download the liability waiver form.

Depending upon your (or your athlete’s) previous athletic experience and choice of
event(s), you may have the opportunity to train in a couple different groups. Please check our Programs section and find out what group suits better your interest.

Please contact our registrar for additional information in Contacts section.

My child has two events scheduled at the same time, what does he do ?

This happens often, and your child and the coach may need to make a choice on what event he or she would prefer to compete in and scratch the other one. In many situations, your child may be able to compete in both, get one attempt in at the field event, then run the track event and return to the field event. The track event always takes priority over a field event. Your child will need to let the field event official know that he or she is leaving the competition area to go run. In the case of two field events conflicting, the same applied; the officials must know when your child is going to the other event.

Which events will my child participate in ?

Your child’s events are at the discretion of the Group coach and are also determined by their age, their ability, their fitness level and their commitment to the sport.

It is my child first track meet (and mine too), what does he or she needs to do ?

We have a whole section on our Website dedicated to that subject: Am I competing?

How do I know which Group to register my child for?

If your child has already been practicing, he or she will know the Group name or at least the name of his or her coach (look in the “Training Groups” section to match the coach to the Group). If your child has not been to a practice yet, please email our registrar.

My child is registered, now what do I do?

You will receive a registration confirmation via email to which will be attached one or two forms. Print, fill in and have your child return the forms to his or her coach at the next practice.

My child plays another sport. How will this affect his or her track and field participation / performance?

We understand that athletes may want to participate in more than one sport. Please let the coach know of your athlete’s participation in other sports as loading may have to be adjusted to accommodate schedules and prevent injury from training volume overload. The extent of involvement in other sports may affect your athlete’s choice of training group. The Athlete Development group trains twice per week versus four to five times per week for the other groups and may be a good fit to manage the load of training and competing in two sports. It should be noted that some of the training for other sports can be counter-productive for track and field and may negatively affect athletic performance on the track.

How do I register my child with the Spartans?

Please see our registration page for information and our Online registration link. If you still have some questions, email our registrar.

Track shoes: What type and where to buy them?

The four main types of shoes in track and field are sprinting, distance running, jumping and throwing shoes.

  • Sprinting shoes are also referred to as spikes, but have some distinct differences from the distance spikes. First, the bottom of the shoe is often plastic instead of rubber to keep the shoe in a pointed position. This stiff design forces the runner on her toes; ideal for sprinting, but not appropriate for any event longer than 400 meters. There is little to no heel cushion, as the sprinter will not be spending time running on his heels, and given the nature of the race, having a light shoe is much more important than having support.
  • Distance shoes are designed for distance competition; 800 through 10,000 meters. This type of shoe is much lighter than the typical training shoe but has the same basic features: textured rubber sole, heel padding and a mesh upper. However, distance competition shoes will have four to six optional metal spikes that screw into the bottom for additional traction on the track.
  • Horizontal Jumping and Pole Vault shoes are similar in structure to sprinting spikes with little support and hard plastic soles, but the arrangement of spikes on the sole is less dominant at the toe with fewer spikes at the end of the shoe.
  • High Jump shoe is like no other track shoe as it has spikes throughout the entire sole of the shoe, heel included. This provides more traction for planting and take-off.
  • Throwing shoes (Shot Put, Discus, Hammer, Weight Throw) are the most distinct from other track and field shoes, and could not be used for other events because the bottom of the shoe is flat and smooth, with no spikes. This shoe is designed to allow the thrower to execute a spinning or gliding motion. Javelin shoes far more closely resemble jumping spikes than any other type of throwing shoe due to the similar approach involved in the javelin and high jump events. Javelin shoes generally come in a mid cut for more support when stopping to launch the javelin, and have plates with heel spikes to provide added traction.

In Calgary, you can purchased track event specific shoes at one of our sponsors, The Tech Shop or Strides Running Store, mention you are a Spartans to get a discount. There are lots of online options, www.eastbay.com is one of them.

How do I sign up my child for a meet?

Once your child is registered with the club, all meet registrations will be handled by the club; cost and travelling information will be emailed to you. The coaches discuss with their athletes the upcoming meets for the season and verify their availability. It is of the utmost importance that you are aware of the upcoming events. Upcoming meets are noted in the Calendar section of the Athletics Alberta website. The Club attends all Calgary meets as well as select out of town meets. Additional information is also available on the Calendar and Fixtures pages of the Spartans Website and on the Calgary Track Council website for local meets. Please communicate well in advance with your child’s coach regarding other events conflicting with track meets.Can my child try out to see if he or she will like track and field?

Can my child try out to see if he or she will like track and field?

Yes definitely, the Spartans Club offers a two weeks “free” trial period. Please see the “Training Groups” section to find out about our practice locations and times throughout the year and contact the specific group coach to let him know your child is coming. Please print our waiver form (right click to print) and have your child bring it to his or her first practice.