Athlete Development Program (AD)

About the Program

Geared to athletes up to age 13, the program is focused on building a foundation based on technique and skills while keeping it fun.


Age Category

  • Athletes ages 9-13

The Calgary Spartans has aligned its AD program with Athletics Canada Run-Jump-Throw (RJT) national program that teaches fundamental movement skills and develops physical literacy. The goal is to build a foundation of basic motor skills in young athletes both for athletics and as a basis for all other sports.  The coaches use track and field inspired games, activities and skill challenges to help the body gain strength, coordination and endurance while still having fun in a group/team setting.  Athletes will be introduced to a variety of events including sprints, distance running, hurdles, high and long jump, shot put and discus and team events such as relays.

“Our group puts the fun in Fundamentals.”

Weight Training – no lifting of weights, but a strong focus on core exercise and resistance training.

Practice Times and Locations

Click here for practice times and locations. Note that times and locatoins may change throughout the year due to venue availability. Please refer to the TeamSnap schedule for the most up-to-date listing.


For more information on trial memberships or orientation to the group please contact our Athlete Coordinator, see Contacts page.

For assistance with registration or questions regarding schedule changes or Athletics Alberta memberships, please contact the Registrar, see Contacts page.