Register for a Meet


One of the goals of the Calgary Spartans is to provide our athletes with opportunities to compete and test their ability against their peers.

Many of the meets we participate in are governed by Athletics Alberta. We do require that every athlete has an up-to-date Athletics Alberta membership.

Meet Registration

We ask that all athletes register for track meets through the club website rather than through the meet site itself. This allows the coaches a chance to review and approve entries prior to their submission. It also gives coaches an accurate registration list. 


We charge $25 against the athlete account of each athlete who attends an out-of-town meet. This fee covers coach travel expenses. Due to COVID restrictions, we are not currently arranging communal travel; families must arrange for their own travel and hotel.

What to Wear

When you are competing, you are required to wear a Calgary Spartans singlet and black pants or shorts. Please contact your coach or the clothing coordinator (see contacts page) if you would like to purchase a singlet. Singlets are $20 for the first one and $50 for each additional one purchased.