Athlete Code of Conduct

As an athlete of the Calgary Spartans Track and Field Club, I will adhere to the following Code of Conduct.  If I am warned twice about breaches to the Code of Conduct, I may be asked to leave the club.

Code of Conduct:

1.   I respect the authority and knowledge of the coaches and will follow instructions during practice and meets.

2.   I take my training seriously and I commit to perform my best.

3.   I will plan to attend all practices. If I cannot be at practice I will advise my coach as soon as possible.

4.   I will be considerate of others when I am traveling with the Club to out-of-town meets. I will adhere to the Club’s policies and regulations during local and out-of-town meets.

5.   I will wear the Spartans uniform during meets.

6.   I will conduct myself in a positive and supportive manner to my fellow club members.

7.   I will participate and compete in a spirit of fair play and honesty within the rules of Athletics.

8.   I respect my coaches, my fellow athletes, parents and officials.

9.   I will not use profanity, bad language, swear of make derogatory comments of any kind.

10. I will not consume alcohol or smoke before or during practices and meets. I will not consume illegal drugs.

11. I will not use, advocate, condone, promote or distribute banned substances as outlined in the handbook on Drug Classification published by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

12. I will not challenge or protest the rulings of officials, judges or referees, but will bring all complaints or issues to the coaches for resolution.

13. I will conduct myself in a respectful manner as an athlete of the Calgary Spartans Track and Field Club. Athletes registering as Athlete members of Alberta Athletics are advised that by doing so they are agreeing to adhere to this and other policies, rules, regulations, by-laws and the constitution of Athletics Alberta and Athletics Canada. As an athlete of the Calgary Spartans Track and Field club I confirm I have read the aforementioned Code of Conduct and will adhere to it.