Coach per diem


The purpose of the coach’s per diem is to cover the cost of meals during the time of travel and competition, recognizing that distance from Calgary and time of departure/arrival may impact the number of meals and therefore amount claimed. 


The standard amount approved by the Board is as follows:

  • $45.00 per day if breakfast is provided by the hotel and already included in the room cost
  • $60.00 per day if breakfast is not provided by the hotel
  • If there is a partial day for travel (for example, leaving Friday afternoon), $25.00 may be claimed for the Friday.

Claim Procedure

Please fill out an expense account form and send to our Administrator at:

Receipts are not required for per diems.


Whenever possible, the Club books into hotels which include breakfast in the room cost, thereby ensuring all athletes and coaches receive breakfast at no cost. 

The Board appreciates the dedication of all the Club’s Coaches and wants to ensure a fair and reasonable amount for meals. 

The Spartans Board understands that a Saturday meal at a restaurant may be somewhat more expensive than a Friday or Sunday stop for “fast food” during the trip and that somewhat higher costs for some meals are offset by lower costs for other days.  It is the Board’s intention that coaches are not “out of pocket” for their meals during travel and competition days.