June 2021

Bingo Barn Volunteer Requirements and Information

Please realize that this is all new information and could change from time to time. Volunteers Required (for now)

Chairperson, Controller, Paymaster, 3 or 4 Ball Sellers, Verifiers, and Floor Sellers

Afternoon (9) Arrive 10:30am Evening (9)                        Arrive 4:30pm Late Night (9) Arrive 9:15pm

VBINGO Information

When we re-open there will be NO Morning Bingos, we will have VBingo on Thursday and Sunday Late Nights, only 3 Volunteers will be required.

On Saturday Evening and Late Nights, we will be offering VBingo in hall and for at home Players at the same time, we call this our “Hybrid Bingo”. These events will require 9 volunteers at least to start with because there will be Players in the hall, we will be selling Ball Tickets and Special Game cards. The 6-4-Baseball Games and the Bonanza Game will be played when the VBingo program is done for the in hall Players.

We will require additional Volunteers for Playoffs and Specials, but you will be advised in advanced.

  • This is a cash-based business so you will be handling cash
  • Gloves will be provided for those who wish to wear them
  • Disposable Face Masks will be provided but we encourage you to bring your own
  • Hand Sanitizer is available throughout the hall
  • If there is a special, we may require additional volunteers
  • Volunteers will be expected to sanitize all electronics at all events
  • Chairperson, Controller, and the Paymaster will be the only volunteers allowed in the office selling from the island
  • When “DOUBLE ACTION” begins the Controller will be at a table more centered in the hall to sell special game cards. All special games will remain on sale on the island and cashed out when the Caller announces they are off sale
  • No Special Games Sellers will be on the floor
  • When the Ball Sellers come in, they will have extra duties, the Chairperson will advise
  • All Volunteers will be asked to read a COVID-19 questionnaire and signoff on it before they start their