Meet Registration

To simplify the track meet registration process, we are asking all athletes/ parents to register for in-province meets directly through Trackie (Calgary, Edmonton and area). When you register through the the trackie online system, you will be able to see exactly which age category you are eligible for, and which events are available to you. This will make deciding on events much easier.

You may continue to register for High Performance travel meets through the Spartans site, below.

Track Meet Registration
Emergency contact: (Primary and secondary parents/guardians, please)
Entries (please specify event) and recent performance. This is your seed time and must be accurate to be accepted. Please note that all entries are subject to approval by your coach.

  • Seed times are recommended for all entries
  • If you are requesting an invitational event, you must include your seed time AND the meet at which you achieved it
  • Each athlete will pay $35 in addition to the meet entry fees to cover the cost of coach travel.
Travel and Accommodation information required for out of town meets only
Will you travel with Club to the meet?
Will you travel with Club back to Calgary?
Do you require accommodation with the Club?
Hotel room required for Parents or Guardian?

Please follow up with the Registrar if you do not receive a confirmation email.

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