Two Week Trial

About the Program

To maintain a long-term relationship with a club, it is important that you agree with our coach philosophy and style and have a strong relationship with your coach.  We encourage all new athletes to train with us for two weeks prior to committing to club membership.

This is an opportunity for you to meet with Spartans athletes and coaches and to get to know our training programs before making the registration commitment.

If you are a new athlete, before registration and for further information please contact our Athlete Coordinator. They will be pleased to welcome you to the Calgary Spartans, help you find the right coach and program and help you with the registration process to access the free trial.

Depending upon your previous athletic experience and choice of event(s), you may have the opportunity to train in a couple of different groups.

Please check our Programs and find out what group you are interested in.

2023/2024 Trial Dates

September 11-22, 2023

November 13-28, 2023

April 22-May 3, 2024

April 29 – May 10, 2024 (overflow date)

June: TBD

Steps to Register for the Trial

1. Contact our athlete Coordinator to find a suitable start day (

2. Register with the club

Complete the club registration process (Athlete Registration). When you get to the end, select the Free Trial option rather than submitting payment.

 3. Register with Athletics Alberta on the first day of your trial

Once you have spoken to our Athlete Coordinator and you have decided to take part in the FREE two-week trial, participants must complete the Athletics Alberta Membership Form available online on the Athletics Alberta membership website. Do this on the first day of your trial, as it is good for two weeks only. When registering please select “2 Week Trial” to get the free membership, and put “Calgary Spartans (CALS)” in the Request Club field. 

Next Steps

When you finish your two-week trial, please contact the registrar and let her know whether or not you would like to continue. 

If you do not wish to continue, she will remove your registration. 

If you would like to register with the club, she will post the fees owing. Please finalize your registration by logging into your Sport Manager account and paying your outstanding balance. You can reach the registrar at

Two Week Trial FAQ's

Doing a trial in September, October, November, January, May will allow the athlete to maximize their experience and minimize venue closures/ coaches out of town for track meets. June is an okay time to sign up for the 2-week trial, and July is discouraged as track season is finishing up.

Yes. We try to set up your trial when you will be able to attend the most practices. 

  • March/ April: the indoor training venue does not always accept new athletes at this time. It is best to wait for the start of outdoor season in early to mid April.
  • Mid-July/ August: there are many track meets and practices may be cancelled. 
  • December: many indoor track closures, and holiday cancellations.

The two-week trial is merely a taste of the group practice plan for that moment in time. It is to give an athlete a chance to try out the club prior to signing up with the club. 

  • Athletes should come prepared to do their best, listen to the coach’s instructions, wear gear appropriate training depending on the season (fitted tights/ workout gear, layers, indoor running shoes for either indoor track in the winter or weight room).
  • Please bring a water bottle and a small snack for after practice if need be. 
  • Workouts are typically 2 hours in length. It is imperative to share any medical conditions/ injuries with the coach (asthma, sprains and strains, etc). The coach will modify based on athletic ability. Do as much as possible but be sure to stop an activity if in pain! 
  • If the trial is going well and the athlete wants to sign up with the club, notify the registrar to begin the formal registration process. 
  • If the trial is not going well, notify the registrar and the registrar can update the coach. Track and field is not for everyone and it is better for us know why an athlete has chosen not to sign up with the club.
  • The Athlete Coordinator will ask what discipline you are interested in (sprints, distance, high jump/long jump, throwing events, hurdles or a combination.). If you know what your preferences are, please let the Athlete Coordinator know so they can connect you with the right coach. If not, that’s fine too. We will connect you with our multi-event coach and you can try different events to see what is a fit for you.
  • The age of the athlete will determine which group(s) the athlete can train with. Athletes under the age of 14 train with the Athletic Development group, and athletes over age 14 will be matched with the coach from their discipline.

Two Week trials must be completed through the Athlete Coordinator or Registrar – please do not just show up to the track, we shall have to turn you away with instructions to sign up and return another day! Email the Athlete Coordinator for more information.

For all new inquiries, assistance with any of our program selections and athlete orientation please contact the Athlete Coordinator.

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