Two Week Trial

About the Program

We offer a free two-week trial where you are welcome to join Spartans track team practices before committing to club membership. This is an opportunity for you to meet with Spartans athletes and coaches and to get to know our training programs before making the registration commitment.

If you are a new athlete, before registration and for further information please contact our Athlete Coordinator. She will be pleased to welcome you to the Calgary Spartans, help you find the right coach and program and help you with the registration process to access the free trial.

Depending upon your previous athletic experience and choice of event(s), you may have the opportunity to train in a couple of different groups.

Please check our Programs section and find out what group you are interested in.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The athlete must be new to the Calgary Spartans
  • The athlete must have a trial membership with Athletics Alberta

Steps to Register

Once you have spoken to our Athlete Coordinator and you have decided to take part in the FREE two-week trial, participants must complete the Athletics Alberta Membership Form available online on Athletics Alberta membership website (Athletics Alberta Registration Page). Good for two weeks only.


  • Membership:  “New Member”;
  • Membership Type: “Athlete”;
  • Option: “2 Week Trial”; (this is a free membership)
  • Request Club: click “Lookup” and select “Calgary Spartans (CALS)”;
  • Fields marked with (*) are mandatory;
  • Complete the club registration process (Athlete Registration). When you get to the end, select the mail in payment option. This will allow you to complete your registration without paying.
  • If you want to continue with the club, simply log in to you Sport Manager account and pay the fees owing.

Ending a Trial

When you finish your two-week trial, please contact the registrar and let them know whether or not you would like to continue. If you do now wish to continue, they will de-register you and remove your information from the system. If you would like to register with the club, log in to you Sport Manager account and pay the fees owing.


For more information on two-week trials, please contact the Athlete Coordinator, see Contacts page.