Board Of Directors

The Calgary Spartans Track and Field Club is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws.  All Board members are volunteers and are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting held in October of each year.

The 2017 – 2018 Board of Directors is as follows:


President – Alisa Lane
Alisa Lane is a Registered Nurse and mother of two young adults in university, one of which is a track athlete. When she’s not spending her days and nights dodging snot, blood, and vomit in the Children’s ER, she logs a ridiculous amount of time volunteering. With peripheral vision like a hawk and arms like an octopus, she sees the big picture and has her hands in many endeavors. She has the memory of an elephant, the patience of an angel, and a heart the size of the sun. She is passionate about making the Calgary Spartans the best version of what a premier track and field club should be.
No ImageVice President – Vacant
Treasurer – Blaine Dombowsky
Blaine Dombowsky is Calgary Spartans Treasurer. During his youth and university years he competed in Modern Pentathlon, a military based support which consisted of running, riding, swimming, shooting and fencing. He managed to travel to many different countries competing on an international level. After graduating in 1995 with a Bachelors of Science in Physiotherapy and an Bachelors of Physical Education in Athletic Therapy, Blaine went on to work as a physiotherapist. He had a short tenure in practicing physiotherapy and went on to currently own and be president of Ares Custom Foot Orthotics an orthotic manufacturing lab. Over the last 15 years, he has previously coached soccer at varying levels, and been on the board of Modern Pentathlon and Fencing clubs.
Secretary – Sarah Sanni
Sarah joined the Calgary Spartans as a sprinter in 2012, and now operates as Board Secretary. She is passionate about sports, biomechanics, and improving healthcare standards. Over the years she has received awards and scholarships from the Spartans’, as well as a love for team development. Some of her favourite activities include: enjoying a beautiful hike in the mountains, volunteering, and weight training in her free time. As a former Calgary Spartans’ athlete, Sarah is dedicated to bringing a unique perspective to the Board of Directors.
No ImageRegistrar – Vacant
Director –Matt Phippen
Matt has been on the Spartan board for over 1 year as Equipment Director, currently ordering all new equipment and managing inventory levels. Matt has been a competitive distance runner over the years and has a daughter in the AD program over the last three years to which she is currently one of the top ranked sprinters in the province.
Director – Jill Middleton
Jill joined the Calgary Spartans in 2018 as the Assistant Coach for the Distance group and was quickly brought onto the Board as a Director soon thereafter.  She has a passion for running and has competed over the years in track, cross country, 10Ks, half marathons, triathlons and various trail running races.  She co-founded and co-organized the Wood Buffalo Trail Running Series in Fort McMurray from 2012-2016 which brought trail running races to the community.  Jill enjoys being involved in the running community and coaching the Spartans.  She is excited to bring her organizational strengths, technical skills and passion to the Board!
Director – Peter Bassett
Peter Bassett is a director of an Engineering firm and is the father of 3 children, one of which is in the Sprints Program. Peter enjoys spending time with his family as well as staying active in his free time. He brings great communication and decision-making skills to the Spartans Track Club being a former sprinter, participating in meets that were held in Toronto. Peter is currently in charge of all the workshops. He is very delighted to be volunteering with such great people!