Board of Directors

The Calgary Spartans Track and Field Club is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws.  All Board members are volunteers and are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting held in November of each year.

The 2022 – 2023 Board of Directors is as follows:


President - Sharon Evans

Sharon is thrilled to be back with the Spartans, stepping into the role of Board President. Sharon was the Spartans registrar from 2018 to 2020, and a Master’s athlete since 2012. Sharon works as a coordinator of volunteers with the Immigrant-serving sector, and is looking forward to enhancing membership engagement with the Calgary Spartans.


Treasurer -Evelyn Burnett

Evelyn has been a member of the Calgary Spartans since 2004. She was an avid track and field athlete in her youth and was excited to find a Master’s Athletics program at the Spartans. She has actively been supporting both coaches and athletes in the club and community since joining the Spartans, serving in the club as both President and Treasurer. In addition, she has served as both a Business Director and VP Admin for Athletics Alberta for several years.

Vanna Harnack

Vice President - Vanna Harnack

After 15 years of being in Cold Lake, Vanna and her family are happy to be back in Calgary. She has been involved in her kids’ activities and worked to keep the kids and clubs in Cold Lake keep going strong over Covid. Helping kids get safely in and out of rinks to keep their love of skating going during the challenging times kept their love of sports alive. Vanna kept busy, working with the skating board and bingo organizations to help fund raise and keep clubs financially strong. She wants to be part of an organization that brings out the best in kids every day. And she’s excited to do that with the Spartans.


Secretary - Daniela Castro

Daniela and her family came to Canada three years ago. They are so happy to have landed in Calgary since they have met and bonded with both neighbours and the community in general. She loves to get involved with her children’s activities and to collaborate with others to make them possible. Being part of the Spartans has made both Daniela and her young athletes very happy.

Farnoush Dey

Director and Athlete Coordinator - Farnoush Dey

Farnoush and her family have recently moved back to Calgary after being away for 20 years and they couldn’t be happier. They are also very excited to be a part of the Calgary Spartans as her daughter recently joined the club.

Apoorva Sharma

Director and Volunteer Coordinator - Apoorva Sharma

Apoorva (Apu) Sharma is a professional engineer working in the energy sector since 1996. Apu was born in India and arrived in Canada as a student in 1991 and has made Alberta his home since 1992 and Calgary since 2000. Apu enjoyed competing in X-country and other track & field events in his youth and more recently enjoys competing in sprint distance triathlons, cycling, hiking & climbing in the mountains and paddling his canoe whenever possible. Apu will bring his passion for amateur sport, volunteering, technical and strategic planning skills to the Spartan board. Apu is also the parent of an athlete in her first year of the Sprints & Hurdles program.

Marsha Miller

Registrar - Marsha Miller

Marsha and her family have called Alberta home for the past 15 years. She really enjoys the family oriented atmosphere in the Calgary area and is happy to raise her family here. Marsha has been a proud track mom for the past 6 years and enjoys being involved administratively.


Director - Eric Lutz

Eric has competed in Track and Field since 2010 and has been passionate about the sport ever since. He graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Social Work with Distinction. He currently works as a Registered Social Worker with the Government of Alberta and continues to compete in Track and Field under the Calgary Spartans. Eric is eager to support other athletes by providing information and guidance, as needed. Eric has many years of experience with the sport, and he is excited to share his experience with other athletes and the board. Eric joined the Calgary Spartans Track and Field Club in 2019. He will utilize his interpersonal skills to represent and advocate for the Calgary Spartans, while also supporting his fellow athletes.

Vacant Positions

Director and Athlete Representative

Director and Athlete Development Liaison

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