Track Meets


One of the goals of the Calgary Spartans is to provide our athletes with opportunities to compete and test their ability against their peers. We encourage all athletes to participate in track meets.

We ask that all event entries be done through the Registration link on this website. Club administration will review all entries and obtain coach approval before we submit the final list to the meet. 

  • Athletes will be responsible to discuss and confirm event entries with their coaches.
  • We strongly recommend you provide a seed time for each entry you make

Spartans Wear: When you are competing, you are required to wear a Calgary Spartans singlet and black pants or shorts. Please contact your coach or the clothing coordinator (see contacts page) if you would like to purchase a singlet. Singlets are $20 for the first one and $50 for each additional one purchased.

Athletics Alberta: Many of the meets we participate in are governed by Athletics Alberta. We do require that every athlete has an up-to-date Athletics Alberta membership.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation MUST be done on the website by the athlete or parent.  This will generate a message to the Administrator to address scratch entries, accommodation, transportation and billing.

Cancellation is the responsibility of the athlete.  Athletes will not be charged for cancellations submitted up until one day after the registration deadline. Late cancellations will result in athletes being charged for meet entry fees unless we can scratch them at no cost to the club.  Refunds for sick or injured athletes will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.


Accommodation, Transportation and Entry Fees

This policy will cover all ‘away’ meets where the athletes travel with the club in terms of accommodation and travel or where they travel on their own but must be entered into the meet.

This policy is based on dates as supplied in the “Meet Schedule”. This schedule is to be provided to the Board by coaches in December for winter season and April for summer season.  It will be posted on the website once approved by the Board.  Dates as noted in the Meet Schedule will be final.

Accommodation and transportation requirements will be estimated in December and April respectively.  These will be communicated to the Club’s Administrator to reserve rooms and vans in December and April.

Meet sign-up and cancellations will be done on the website.

Each athlete will pay $35 in addition to the meet entry fees to cover the cost of coach travel.

Sign-Up Procedure: Accommodation and Transportation

Three Weeks Prior to Travel: Administrator will send out a reminder to parents and athletes about the meet.  Athletes are advised to speak to their coaches regarding events.  Costs will be estimated and shared among those travelling.

Two Weeks Plus One Day: Administrator will re-send reminder advising one day left to book.

Two Weeks Prior to Travel: Entry is cut-off at two weeks prior to travel. Cost will be finalized.

No commitment from the athletes = no guarantee of a spot to travel with the club.  The club may choose to accommodate an athlete on short notice if there is room, but there is no guarantee.

Sign-up will be done on the website.  This will generate a message to 1) the Administrator to book entries, accommodation and travel, and 2) the athlete’s coach.

Travel Cancellations

Cancellations are accepted until one week prior to the departure date.  

A deposit of $50/athlete will be charged to the athlete’s account to cover first night’s accommodation in case of cancellation. This deposit is NOT refundable unless the athlete is sick or injured after this date.  Refunds will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Accommodation – Rooming List

The Administrator will compile the rooming list with input from athletes and coaches and provide it to the hotel by the deadline (normally two weeks ahead of the meet).

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