Registration and Fee Structure

Please note: The Calgary Spartans reserve the right to accept or decline membership applications. Membership may not be transferred or assigned. Athletes Account balances from previous season must be paid in full prior to registering for next season.

Registration and Membership Options:

Three types of memberships are available for a variety of age groups from young children to Masters.

Full year memberships – all events (includes indoor and outdoor training) for September through August. See information below. New this year…There is a facility cap at the Oval of 60 senior athletes (Born in 2005 or earlier) per Club. Therefore, Access will be granted on a first come, first served basis. Membership for Jack Simpson only training (Born in 2005 or earlier), the facility fee will be $270, with a limit of 40 athletes.

Summer monthly memberships – all events (outdoor only) for April through July or August at a cost of $100 per month.

Cross country season (outdoor only) memberships for Fall season (only) at a cost of $200.

Fees depend on type of membership, training facility and Athletic Alberta fees.  Parents and athletes 18 years of age and older may choose to work Bingos to offset their costs.

Athletics Alberta Memberships are required to train and compete.  Summer memberships cost between $45 and $70 (dependent on age) and may be acquired on their website at

For further information contact our Registrar at

Fee Structure – Full year Memberships

The full year season starts in September.  The following information pertains to athletes signing up in fall and continuing through the end of July the following year.

For young children, the Calgary Spartans welcome Strive Fitness and Athletics who offer a comprehensive program for 8 – 13-year-old athletes to the world of athletic sports training.  Young athletes will be exposed to the world of plyometrics, speed training, core and calisthenics in this expertly designed program in a fun, interactive environment.  This program is guaranteed to get your kids ready for the track! (November – March)

The Facility Fee quoted is for the period November through April and is remitted directly to the Facility Owner. The Club Fee includes coaching, outdoor track and weight room facility fees, equipment and administration. In April, all training groups move to Foothills Track to train outdoors.

Fee Structure – Cross Country

Fall Cross-Country season will start in September. The Spartans Cross Country membership is available for $200.  This fee covers coaching and administration costs. The Athletics Alberta Membership for Cross Country only is $35.

Fee Structure – Summer Monthly

All events (outdoor only), $100 per month April through July or August.

Category Age Group Indoor Facility Frequency Facility Fee Club Fee Athletics Alberta Fee Total
Tyke and PeeWee Up to age 11 Athlete Development Strive Fitness 3x/week $375 $680 $60 $1,115
Bantam 12 – 13 Athlete Development Strive Fitness 3x/week $375 $680 $60 $1,115
Midget 14 – 15 Senior Program Olympic Oval/Jack Simpson 3-4x/week $625 $800 $85 $1,510
Youth 16 – 17 Senior Program Olympic Oval/Jack Simpson 3-4x/week $625 $800 $85 $1,510
Junior 18 – 19 Senior Program Olympic Oval/Jack Simpson 3-4x/week $625 $800 $105 $1,530
Senior 20+ Senior Program Olympic Oval/Jack Simpson 3-4x/week $625 $800 $105 $1,530
Masters 35+ Senior Program Olympic Oval/Jack Simpson 3-4x/week $625 $800 $85 $1,510

Installment fee payment (optional) schedule for Full Year Membership:

At time of registration – 50% of the Club Fee (outlined above)
October 1st – Volunteer Commitment Deposit in the amount of $200
November 1st – Indoor Facility Fees (outlined above)
March 15th – the remaining 50% of the Club Fee

Athletics Alberta Fee:

The Athletics Alberta Membership is a required registration fee for each athlete and is charged directly by Alberta’s sport governing body.  Membership is required to enter competitions and to train at both indoor and outdoor facilities.  It provides insurance, provincial and national athlete rankings, provincial team opportunities and championship access.    Registration is required and may be accessed directly at  Click here to go directly to the on-line application page (new/renewal).

Funding Assistance

To ensure that no athlete stays on the sidelines because of a financial issue, the Spartans will assist parents in funding.  Fundraising opportunities are provided to support your athlete, including working bingos, casinos, and other fundraising opportunities.  We also have an Athletes Assistance Fund and would be pleased to help you apply for Kid Sport.  Kid Sport Calgary provides financial support up to $250 per child per calendar year towards sport registration fees.  Calendar year runs from January 1 – December 31. For further information, please check the website or email the Spartans Administrator for assistance at

Member Commitments

The Spartans Track and Field Club funds its program through fees as well as funds generated from casinos and bingos.  The success of our club – and our athletes depends on the willingness of parents to volunteer.  To support the programs, the Spartans requires each member or their parent to fulfill their volunteer commitment yearly. A one-time Volunteer Commitment Deposit (VCD) of $200 is charged to each full-year athlete ($50 for the summer monthly athletes). This deposit is returned upon withdrawal from the club if volunteer commitments are fulfilled.  A new Volunteer Commitment Deposit (VCD) of will be charged yearly if volunteer commitments are not fulfilled. Click here for volunteer information.

Positive Balance Athletes Account

To avoid negative balances and failure to pay fees associated with meets and travel, The Calgary Spartans Track Club requires full year members (excluding athletes receiving Athletes Assistance) to maintain a positive balance in their athletes account prior to registering to compete in meets +/- travel. When an account has a negative balance, the athlete will be notified to make a payment to their athletes account. Athletes Account balances that are not a result of Bingo or Casino funding will be refunded upon withdrawal from the club.


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