Bingo and Volunteering

Parent’s Responsibilities

To give encouragement and support to your child by being there when they compete.

Ensure that your child is at practice on time.

Ensure that your child attends meets he or she is entered in and arrives at the event location at least one hour before the start of his or her event.

Participate in club fundraising activities (mandatory for Active athletes).

Volunteering at local track meets when requested.

Regularly check the club website for news, events and other important club activities.

Understand your role as a parent. Allow coaches to coach. Communicate your concerns at appropriate times.

Be a parent rather than a coach. Let the motivation for doing athletics come from them, rather than you.

Discuss with your child’s coach anticipated time away from practices and meets (including commitment to other sports), vacation time, etc. Workouts follow a specific cycle and loading. Deviating from this plan can negate some of the hard work your child has put in.

Attend the Annual General Meeting and Awards Banquet.

How else can I get involved

Take photographs of your child and other Spartans athletes. We use photographs for our Awards Banquet slide presentation, website, news and other promotional material. The media release provided (or not provided) by each parent will dictate how photographs of their child are used.

Become a member of the Board of Directors or assist one of our board members with a project. We welcome new board members and whatever amount of time you are able to contribute is greatly appreciated by your child, the Spartans’ board and the other members.

Become an Official. With many of our sport’s officials retiring we are facing the very real possibility of being unable to host local meets due to a lack of accredited officials. Level 1 Accreditation involves a 1 day course and 8 hours of officiating. Please contact a board member if you are interested in becoming a track official.

Member Commitments

The Spartans Track and Field Club funds its program through fees as well as funds generated from casinos and bingos. In addition, track meets require volunteers to assist with setup, take down and running meets. To support the programs, the Spartans requires each member or their parent to work:

  • one casino approximately every 18 months
  • three track meet shifts per year (approximately 4 hours per shift – no experience required) or to volunteer for a position on the Spartans Board.