Dino Classic 2016 – Meet report

Indoor Season 2016
Dino Classic – Calgary January 10, 2016

Coach Gabe report

I would like to congratulate all the athletes – Lisa, Paige, Evelyn & Helen – who participate at this edition of Calgary Indoor Series – Dino Classic 2016.

For this time of the season all the athletes has produced excellent results, some of the have even got new PBs.

Paige Dino Classic 2016Paige – First-year in track program, Paige has begun her first ever competition season with an impressive 60m in 9.09s. She also took the challenge of running a second event in the same day and despite little time to recover between events she managed to run 150m in 22.08 with an outstanding running form.  It was a proud moment for me as a coach seeing her running with such a good form. All those boring drills in sprint mechanics and corrections during practices are starting to pay back. Congratulations Paige and keep on track’ing.


Lisa Dino Classic 2016Lisa – On her firth year on track Lisa has impressed everyone with an outstanding 60mH PB. From last year 9.98s she dropped at 9.56s at this meet resulting being ranked number one in Alberta at 60mH Midget category. Despite the fact that she forgot to shuffle after 3rd hurdle overall she managed to amaze everyone with an excellent hurdles race. Competing against older athletes in 300m Open Lisa has run an amazing 44.75s time finishing overall in 9th place from a total of 27 athletes. Her good running form, speed and strength stood out as she run her first indoor 300m ever. Excellent result Lisa and I’m looking forward working together.


Evelyn & Helen Dino CLassic 2016Helen & Evelyn

Helen, a veteran track athlete with lots of mileage on her feet, has started this season with an impressive 60m PB. If she didn’t forgot about the importance of the perfect blocks position she would be able to run faster than 9.81s. I can’t wait to further work together on these technical aspects and improve your block start. Congratulation for your PB and see you at the practice.

Evelyn, by far the fastest female Master athletes on sprints in Canada, has started the indoor season with an outstanding 9.03s in 60m. Having a huge experience and a long track history in our club, Evelyn is by far the best example of sport commitment and longevity in Alberta.

Personally it’s an honor for me to work with both of them.


Our next meet is the “Jack Simpson Open”.I am looking forward watching you compete.


See you at our regular training session. Gabe


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