Masters Program

All Masters are Welcome At Spartans !


Age Category

  • Athletes age 30 and up

Program Philosophy

Calgary Spartans Track Club Welcomes all Masters and Sub-Masters at all levels of ability to participate and be a part of the beautiful family of Track and Field at Calgary Spartans.
Come at Spartans and live the best years of your life.

Calgary Spartans Track Club promotes and coordinates training for Masters and Sub-Masters age athletes at all levels, starting from local to international level competition.

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in Masters and Sub-Masters track and field training and competition.

“Masters” are defined as women and men 35 and over. Therefore, Masters championships competition is limited to those ages, in 5-year age groups, up to the age of the oldest competitor.

“Sub-Masters” are defined as women and men younger than the official Masters ages but are at least 30 years old.

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For all new inquiries, assistance with our programs selection and athlete(s) orientation please contact the Athlete Coordinator, see Contacts page.