Scholarships Program

Scholarships Available to all Full Year Calgary Spartans Athletes

The Spartans are proud of their athletes; many of whom have been with the Club for many years. Some start as young athletes in the Athlete Development program, graduating up into the Senior program, while others join along the way. Young athletes who have the drive to succeed on the track are also often those who excel in school and continue their education into university, college or technical institutes.

The Spartans support their athletes on and off the track. The Spartans have therefore instituted a Scholarship program to assist their athletes with continuing their training through their post-secondary education.

A Scholarship Committee, made up of members from the board of directors, reviews applications and determines the scholarships granted. Scholarship criteria and determination of award amounts are described below and scholarships are presented at the Spartans annual Awards Banquet and Annual General Meeting, held in November.

Scholarship Criteria:

  • The athlete must be a member of the Calgary Spartans for at least one full year prior to application (partial year and summer members are not eligible) and must be registered for the upcoming year.
  • The athlete must be registered as a student at a post-secondary institution for the upcoming year.
  • The athlete must be in good standing with the Club (fees paid in full, including the $200 volunteer commitment deposit, volunteer requirements fulfilled for previous year, and 1st installment of registration fees paid for current season).
  • An application must have been received (hard copy or electronically) by the Registrar ( between August 1 and October 31stof each year.

Award Amounts:

The amount awarded to each athlete is determined by a points system with award amounts ranging from $100 to $1,000 per athlete. Points are awarded to each applicant in five areas:

  • Club involvement and longevity– a subjective rating determined by the Scholarship Committee
  • Athletic Performance
  • Provincial Ranking (Athletics Alberta age class), not High School provincials:

The award is credited to the Athlete’s account and may be used for registration fees, training, travel and meet fees.

Other Athletic Scholarships

Other Athletic Scholarships are available to Spartans athletes depending upon their post-secondary institution of choice. Please consult the athletic department or head coach of the Institution’s track / cross-country team that you or your athlete is potentially attending, as scholarships are often school specific.

Jimmie Condon Athletic Scholarships:

The Jimmie Condon Athletic Scholarship was established in honour of Jimmie Condon, philanthropist and long-time supporter and promoter of amateur sports in Calgary. With a value of $1,800 per athlete it is designed to reward the athletic and academic excellence of post-secondary students attending Alberta universities, colleges or technical institutes. For further information, please see Alberta Scholarshipsweb page from Student Aid Alberta.

NCAA Scholarships:

Scholarships to American universities and colleges are typically specific to each school and are usually only for one year with the scholarship renewable based on meeting athletic performance criteria. Please consult the coaches of the schools you or your athlete is potentially attending to determine their eligibility for athletic and academic scholarships and bursaries.

Spartans-Scholarship -Application

Print and complete the application form and submit it to any board member.


For all new inquiries, assistance with our programs selection and athlete(s) orientation please contact the Registrar, see Contacts page.