Member Commitments


The Spartans Track and Field Club funds its program through fees as well as funds generated from casinos and bingos.  The success of our club – and our athletes depends on the willingness of parents and adult athletes to volunteer. 


To support our programs, the Spartans require each athlete or their parent to commit to volunteering. Each shift takes approximately 4 hours and does not require any experience. Families with more than one athlete per household are required to volunteer one extra shift per additional athlete.

  • Full Year: Four shifts required (minimum 3 bingos)
  • Outdoor only: Two shifts required (minimum 1 bingo)
  • Indoor Only: Two shifts required (minimum 1 bingo)
  • Cross Country: No shifts required
Volunteer opportunities

  • Working Bingo shifts. These are mandatory, and you receive a stipend that can be applied to fees, clothing, etc. Bingo volunteers must be 18 years or older.
  • Assisting with our media (photographs, videos) at track meets.
  • Assisting with track meets.
  • Volunteering as a chaperone at out of town meets and/or a track camp
  • Volunteering on the Spartans board
Our Volunteer Coordinator will send out special requests from time to time. We encourage you to respond to these; they will be counted towards your commitment.

Volunteer Commitment Deposit

A one-time Volunteer Commitment Deposit (VCD) of $300 is charged to each full-year athlete and $100 to each Indoor or Outdoor only athlete.  This deposit is returned upon withdrawal from the club if volunteer commitments are fulfilled.  Please note that if you opt to not fulfill your volunteer commitment, you will forfeit your VDC and the amount of your VCD will double for the subsequent year.